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Walther Winchester Lever Action

Walther Winchester Lever Action

The Walther Winchester rifle uses 12g COcannisters to propel .177 with startling accuracy and efficiency and uses a simple underlever cocking technique for quick follow up shots.

The barrel of this rifle measures in at a shade under 19" and is expertly machined for impeccable accuracy. This rifle produces muzzle velocities of around 175m/s for laser flat trajectories that are unaffected by cross winds and other environmental conditions for predictable shot placement.

The stock of this rifle is made from a richly stained beech wood for great strength and a tactile appearance and feel. This rifle weighs in at just 2.8kg for comfortable shoulder firing and features a fully adjustable trigger system for ultimate control.

This rifle is available in 3 distinct designs : black receiver, Wells Fargo (gold receiver) or steel finish.

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  • Brand: Walther
  • Product Code: GWAL75
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  • £349.99
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