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Armsan 612 Red Sporter Competition

This sporting version of the famous 612 semi automatic features an extended barrel and comes with ex..

£689.99 Ex Tax: £574.99

Armsan 612/620

The 612 or 620, depending on their gauge, are made by Armsan, a Turkish company who aim to provide h..

£469.99 Ex Tax: £391.66

Armsan A-Challenge Sporter

The A-Challenge Sporter represents Armsan's top of the range when it comes to competition shooting.T..

£849.99 Ex Tax: £708.33

Armsan CRE8

The CRE8 is a 28 gauge shotgun that has been manufactured by Armsan to be just as effective as a 12 ..

£569.99 Ex Tax: £474.99

Armsan Paragon Bronze

This semi auto shotgun by Armsan features a bronze finished receiver and a glorious grade 2 walnut s..

£869.99 Ex Tax: £724.99

Armsan Paragon Grey

The top of the range of the Paragon range and amongst the finest shotguns that Armsan produce, this ..

£899.99 Ex Tax: £749.99

Armsan Phenoma Aura Walnut

This shotgun, beautifully crafted in Turkey by Armsan, is undoubtedly one of the best looking semi a..

£749.99 Ex Tax: £624.99

Armsan Phenoma Carbo Black

This semi auto shotgun by Armsan is chambered in 12 gauge with a vented 28" barrel for the perfect b..

£599.99 Ex Tax: £499.99

Armsan Phenoma Granite

This semi auto shotgun made in Turkey by Armsan is the top of the Phenoma range thanks to its expert..

£899.99 Ex Tax: £749.99

Armsan Phenoma Realtree Hardwood Green

Made in Turkey by Armsan, this excellent semi auto shotgun is perfect for an aspiring hunter.Finishe..

£649.99 Ex Tax: £541.66