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Hull Cartridge

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Hull Cartridge Comp X - 12 Gauge

Universally recognised for their superb quality, the Comp X by Hull Cartridge is one of the most pop..

£103.99 Ex Tax: £86.66

Hull Cartridge Extreme Hunting - 12 Gauge

Containing some of the heaviest shot loads available today the Extreme Hunting shell by Hull Cartrid..

£299.99 Ex Tax: £249.99

Hull Cartridge High Pheasant - 12 Gauge

These shells are ideal, as the name suggests, for taking out pheasant thanks to their heavy shot loa..

£209.99 Ex Tax: £174.99

Hull Cartridge Imperial Game - 12 Gauge

Voted the game cartridge of the Year 2012 by The Field, Shooting Gazette, Sporting Gun and the Shoot..

£87.99 Ex Tax: £73.33

Hull Cartridge Sovereign - 12 Gauge

Ideal for competition and clay shooting, these award winning shells by Hull Cartridge deliver superb..

£154.99 Ex Tax: £129.16