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Ruger 10/22 Carbine

The 10/22 series of rifles by Ruger have been specially designed to provide shooters of all budgets ..

£494.99 Ex Tax: £412.49

Ruger 10/22 Compact

The smaller, lighter vesion of the 10/22 Carbine delivers the same levels of accuracy and power than..

£579.99 Ex Tax: £483.33

Ruger 10/22 Sporter

The higher spec version of the 10/22, the sporter delivers precision with every pull of the trigger...

£619.99 Ex Tax: £516.66

Ruger 10/22 Takedown

Ruger have combined their years of painstaking research and development to produce the Takedown, an ..

£699.99 Ex Tax: £583.33

Ruger 10/22 Target

The Target is Ruger's competition shooting variant of the ever popular 10/22 rifle. The target manag..

£849.99 Ex Tax: £708.33

Ruger American

The American by Ruger has been designed to offer Rugers famous build quality to shooters of any budg..

£769.99 Ex Tax: £641.66

Ruger American All Weather

The All Weather Variant of Ruger's popular American rifle is ideally suited to outdoor hunting thank..

£919.99 Ex Tax: £766.66

Ruger American Predator

The American range of rifles by Ruger are designed to bring top quality performance and build to sho..

£749.99 Ex Tax: £624.99

Ruger American Ranch

Chambered in two of the less common cartridges available, the American Ranch features a shorter barr..

£749.99 Ex Tax: £624.99

Ruger American Rimfire

The American has been specifically designed to give shooters of any budget the opportunity to to own..

£599.99 Ex Tax: £499.99

Ruger Guide Gun

Ruger's ultimate hunting weapon, the Guide Gun has been developed to produce outstanding accuracy in..

£1,699.99 Ex Tax: £1,416.66

Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle

A fantastic "do it all" bolt action, the Gunsite Scout by Ruger is adaptable to almost any situation..

£1,589.99 Ex Tax: £1,324.99

Ruger Hawkeye

The Hawkeye has become one of Ruger's flagship rifles thanks to its pin point accuracy and reliable ..

£1,369.99 Ex Tax: £1,141.66

Ruger Hawkeye African

One of the leading manufactures of rugged and reliable rifles Ruger have built a name for themselves..

£1,699.99 Ex Tax: £1,416.66

Ruger Hawkeye Compact

The Hawkeye Compact by Ruger is a fine carbine length rifle that maintains Ruger's reputation for fa..

£1,369.99 Ex Tax: £1,141.66

Ruger Hawkeye Predator

The Hawkeye Predator is made by Ruger, a brand that have built up their reputation after many years ..

£1,569.99 Ex Tax: £1,308.33

Ruger Hawkeye Varmint Target

The Varmint Target  variant of Ruger's ever popular Hawkeye rifle is perhaps the most effective..

£1,569.99 Ex Tax: £1,308.33